Boss Lady Talks

Know Your Truth

In a world full of fake news, half-truths, and misleading information, the one thing needed the most is the truth.

As a copywriter/marketer and a consumer of goods and services, it is important for me to not only tell the truth about a company that I am marketing for but also be informed of the fact when it comes time for me to purchase goods or services.

As a consumer, you are constantly being bombarded with advertisements for products or services that are meant to improve your quality of life, from debt cancellation, electronics, music, clothing, even food.

The last thing we need is to hear, listen or read another lie.

A lie is defined as making an untrue statement with intent to deceive or create a false or misleading impression.

How many companies, products or services have you encountered that have told you a lie or provided misleading information?

How did it make you feel when you realized that you were being lied to?

The feeling that floods my entire being when I find out that I am being lied to is stupidity. I feel stupid for investing time to listen to the lie when I could have done my own research. I feel stupid because nothing was accomplished and more time will be wasted because I am starting at square one.

As consumers lives are a revolving door of time and research. Depending on the product, we will Google, read reviews or ask friends.

But how do you know you are being told the truth?

Can you firmly say that you are not being bamboozled into making a purchase that you will regret?

How do you avoid being caught in a web of lies and deceit and feeling stupid?

With things constantly paraded in our faces, it is very easy for our minds to be overwhelmed and experience fatigue. Fatigue leads to added stress and confusion, which then leads to being vulnerable and exposed to misleading information.

I say all that to say, before you take your next journey do you research on the company, product, or services you intend to invest in.

Know the facts!

Find the facts that show motive.

Find the facts that show character.

Find the facts that expose the mistake.

And remember, time is money, so invest wisely and find your truth.

Audio Mixing Tips

Every environment presents its own set of challenges when it comes to mixing live sound. By merely recalling last weeks or last venue’s scene because it sounded fantastic at another site doesn’t mean it will sound just as good at your current venue. Now granted that recalling a past scene will have your routing, effects processing, and signal flow. Your eq’ing will be different everywhere you go. When mixing, consider the following factors that affect the sound in a significant way:

  • Room acoustics
  • How many people will be occupying the space?
  • What is the temperature?
  • How humid is it?
  • Where are your speakers positioned in relation to your audience?
  • How many Speakers Provide Coverage?

For those of you reading this, you may be saying well I’ve been mixing for years while being sick and partying the night before. Here are a few everyday small things most people take for granted.

  • How are you feeling that day?
  • What was your environment like before you showed up to work?
    • The things you would never think of may impact your hearing. Were you cutting grass, were you driving with the windows down, or are you overly cautious and wear hearing protection all day?
  • How are your performers feeling that day?
    • Whether your performer is singing or giving a speech, you must take into consideration how much you would have to compensate for your performer. They may be healthy as a horse that day. Or they are just pushing through the best they can.

Hearing health is closely linked to brain health, and alcohol is known to have adverse effects on brain function. Excessive drinking can damage the area of your brain that processes sound. You may be able to hear sounds, but you will find it increasingly difficult to comprehend. You may even find it difficult to distinguish sounds in a noisy environment. If you were partying the night before at a club somewhere, heavily drinking, or just sitting in a peaceful area.

All of these little questions are what affect your mix in a significant way. Having the best equipment is a plus to have are very attractive, sorry to pop your bubble. It’s one hundred percent useless if you are not on your game. You are mixing a band with an expensive line array system and a top of the line audio console.